Activates The Enzyme Telomerase

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Telomerase activation and repression?

in a cell in normal operation, there were no developments in the activation of telomerase and repression. I am sure that telomerase is activated during cell division, but there is a protein or an enzyme involved in recruiting telomerase? and protein / enzyme that removes telomerase to extend telomeres as well? Thank you

The amount for which telomerase is activated depends on the type of cell. Germ cell lines have high expression of telomerase throughout their life makes them immortal in the sense of replication. They do not die when your support system (you and me!) Die. Embryonic stem cells have a high degree of activation of telomerase, but as they become more differentiated as a result of repair functions, which inevitably lose their activity of telomerase to end up as a fully differentiated somatic cells. Probably repression by epigenetic mechanisms, such as methylation is supposed to eliminate the causes of telomerase and the cell "mortal". Telomerase seems certain triggers "derepression" the gene for telomerase allows what is transcribed. Some somatic cell lines also have telomerase activity during playback. These populations are highly replicative and immune cells. The trigger level is very low and although most somatic cells express no detectable telomerase. In telomerase Live "is" the minor and lengthens telomeres were the first choice for a more "normal" length. It does not seem to extend telomeres that are already within normal limits, at least not immediately. Ongoing studies with telomerase activator TA-65 are complete showed a preferential short telomeres, but statistically longer telomere length in the media. MTL is a good study of large populations for long periods of time, but not for monitoring short-term interventions for individuals or small groups. There is much controversy on this subject (see my blog telomeres Turf Wars Fiasco Blasco). Then, once the cancer that telomerase not vice versa. Inhibitors are only needed when the cancer cells became Since telomerase is activated in many different ways beyond derepression. One way is proposed to adjust of human telomerase (hTERT) of a substantially, is the expression of heat shock protein 90, but again an expression abnormal protein expression is necessary for most normal mass telomerase in cancer. As anti-cancer telomerase inhibitors imetelstat (Geron) will probably be the first on the market. In a way the cell cycle and the mechanism of the brake control must be bypassed to to make huge amounts of telomerase required to maintain cancer cells that have short telomeres, capable of immortality reproduction. But please note telomerase is not oncogenic by itself! Dr. Dave Woynarowska MD co-author of "The Immortality Edge "

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