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Are Site Speed and Mobile Friendliness Related?

There is a wide range of correlation between Site Speed and Mobile Friendliness. The correlation is not necessarily linear – there are sites that have very high speed but low mobile friendliness and sites with very low speed but high mobile friendliness.
The relationship between these two factors may not be surprising, but the exact degree to which they are related has been surprising to many, as can be seen from the following graph:

In this analysis, the Y-axis represents the inverse of time taken to load a page. Likewise, the X-axis represents relevancy of a site’s content for a mobile device. The red line indicates the best fit line, showing that there is a strong correlation between Site Speed and Mobile Friendliness. Therefore, it might be wise for a company to focus resources on improving both factors at once rather than trying to focus only on one factor at a time. All of the freelance seo expert always shows concern when we talk about the mobile responsiveness of a website because there are a lot of people use mobile for searches.

The mobile-friendly label, introduced in Google’s search results to help users find websites that work well on mobile devices, has been incorporated into the algorithms of many search engines. The label is applied to sites that are both fast and responsive.

The two concepts are not identical. A site can be either one without being both. A site can be fast without being mobile friendly, for example when it uses a desktop-only site template. And a site can be mobile friendly without being fast, for example if it runs very slowly but is still usable on a small screen.

The close relationship between the two concepts is reinforced by the fact that, when Google measures how well a site performs on mobile phones, the metrics used are exactly the same as those used when measuring site speed. Both are based on page-loading time, which Google measures in Chrome via loading speed timings .
The question is whether there are any significant differences between sites that earn the mobile-friendly label and sites that do not.

Speed is a critical factor when it comes to conversion. People are more likely to abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load, and also less likely to revisit it. When Google announced their mobile-friendly algorithm update, I bet they cared about page speed.

Speed can be difficult to define. While most of us know when a site is slow, even the most knowledgeable of us is not always able to tell you what is slowing down their browsing experience. And when they do know, they’re not always sure how to fix it.
This has led many people to avoid the issue altogether by adopting the mantra of mobile-first design . However, that’s not necessarily the best approach for your ecommerce site. There are two main reasons why:

1) Your desktop visitors may be just as important as your mobile visitors. They may even be more so, if they are larger purchasers.
2) Mobile-first design tends to prioritize quantity over quality in terms of content and functionality provided on your ecommerce site.

This is a simple test case of something that happens a lot in software engineering. You develop some new feature or capability, and then you realize it has some other consequence, which you didn’t think about when you were planning it.

For example, a while back I noticed that the way I had implemented a certain feature in the parser led to the program crashing when fed particular bad input files. It took me some time to figure out what was going on, but eventually I realized that it had to do with the feature I was adding.

Of course the ideal situation is not to add bugs in the first place. But that’s hard, and sometimes there’s no choice. In this case, the bug was in how I had implemented a certain feature; if we had put off adding that feature until we had more time to think about it and test it, we would never have found the bug. And even if we’d noticed in advance that it might create another problem, we probably wouldn’t have spent much time worrying about it; we’re under pressure to get features out before they’re ready because our competitors are always one step ahead of us. Learn more the potential of mobile SEO.

Health Contributions of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is another term for the more popular physical therapy, which is a health profession that is primarily concerned with the physical treatment and restoration of bodily movements to its maximum function. The scope of the work includes an individual’s general wellbeing in the physical, psychological, emotional, and social aspect. A person specializing in the field of physiotherapy is known as a physical therapist or PT. The PT communicates and interacts directly with patients as well as other health professionals during the process of conducting a physical therapy where assessment and treatment of the patient is required. The treatment may need either habilitation or rehabilitation. One of the contributions of remedial massage Northern Beaches is relaxation massage to athletes. It’s very important that their body is relax after battling in games.

What can physiotherapy contribute to a person’s health? It offers a lot of health benefits to our physical functionality and maximum movement to be able to enjoy life well.

Restoring a Level of Physical Function

Physiotherapy is very helpful for the disabled, the chronically ill, and even those who are aging. These patients go through a rehabilitation process that treats their physical conditions. With every physical therapy session, such individuals make progress in the area where movement is limited and eventually, they gain complete restoration of physical function. A good example for this is physically injured basketball players. Physiotherapy brings back maximum movement and function of the patient. Individuals who went through physical therapy can then perform an active and healthy manner of living.

Physiotherapy is Treatment to Body Illness

As a treatment to certain illnesses, this is what distinguishes physiotherapy from a regular massage. A massage therapy is temporary relief from muscle pains and spasms while physical therapy is a healing process. Aside from pain alleviation, it enhances cardio respiratory function and illnesses pertaining to the heart and lungs. Moreover, it serves as a remedy for arthritis, stroke, body injuries, and even fatal diseases such as cancer.

The physical therapists are trained to assess a patient’s condition and apply physical therapy management plan usually through activities such as massage, rehabilitation, and the like. Considered as a touch therapy, the process helps eliminate a patient’s condition and allows helps provide functionality in the life of an individual.

To learn more about maximizing the quality of life and movement head on to

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Pilates Workout – Check the Levels and the Sample of Exercises

Today, pilates workout gains its popularity because of its efficiency in improving overall health. Additionally, this kind of exercise is also beneficial in losing weight. There are several levels that should be followed in the pilates workout. If you’re beginner in pilates, you will be trained with the simplest workout program. At a later time, you will gradually move to the more difficult workout through the different steps of workout of pilates. Pilates teacher training Sydney will teach you everything you need to know to become a fully qualified Pilates Instructor.

During the workout of pilates training process, pilates trainers will serve great importance since they can guide you to some safe and effective pilates movements. Below, there are some prominent items that will guide you through the diverse levels of the pilates exercise program.

Novice Pilates Workout

The novice workout of pilates is designed to guide you how to be flexible for the dissimilar pilates moves later on. Generally, they are easy exercises which consist typically of mind relaxation. A workout of pilates ball may be required to achieve balance and perfection during your moves.

Great importance during the beginner level can be also working pads. Most of the pilates new comers are trained on the “one hundred” workout which was develop to reinforce the torso muscles. One leg stretch, roll-ups, spine stretch as well as one leg circle are among the well-known pilates exercises at the novice level.

Intermediate Stage Pilates Workout

This workout of pilates stage is a bridge among moving from the beginner stage to the advanced level. If the exercises are performed and practiced often, most people commonly tolerate the level of difficulty. Some of the best intermediate pilates exercises include: shoulder bridge, the double leg, side kick, and neck pull.

Advanced Stage Pilates Workout

An individual can perform the advanced level pilates workout after a rigorous pilates training. If a person does not undertake the normal process of learning, he or she may have difficulty performing the advanced workouts. Go now and visit our page for Pilates training.

To practice pilates exercise, it’s very significant that the condition of a person is ready to take the more complex workout. The exercises that can be practiced in the advanced level are cork screw, hip and spine twist, swimming, and push-ups.

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