Finally After 30 Years, Storyboard Artist Emerges

Ford_SUVAre you in this predicament? You have a TVC to conceptualise and the only people around who know anything about storyboarding are the film director and an art director. Both of these have insufficient skills for creating a storyboards visual sequence to assist the director and cameraman. What are you going to do? Probably start searching for a local storyboard artist. This is what most people do in this situation.


One way to cut the search down pretty fast is to hire a freelance storyboard artist like Dean Mortensen. Chalking up over 30 years experience as an advertising agency art director, who has amazing drawing talent, Dean has been an absolute Godsend to film directors, TVC directors and creative directors alike. His ability to conceptualise a vision from a the filmic point of view, is something that is quite rare in the industry. Being skilled at capturing the essence of a scene on a frame by frame basis, has enabled Dean to be one of the most sought after art directors turned storyboard artists around.


Based in Sydney, Dean works both locally in Australia and internationally with clients in agencies in the US, where incidentally Dean has won many international awards as a an art director. To get an idea of what his abilities are and to see the concept boards, storyboard frame and animatics, one would be advised to visit his website: