How to Throw a Charming Teddy Bears Picnic Birthday Party!

A Teddy Bears Picnic is the perfect party theme for both boys and girls! It can be held indoors or out, in a park or in your very own backyard. The best of all it is simple and very cost effective. To complete your picnic rug hire, add an abundant grazing table full of your favourite treats.

Decorations: If your having the party outdoors, use the natural setting as your decoration. Set up beside a big tree for shade, cover picnic tables with gingham tablecovers and have large picnic blankets for the kids and their special friends to sit on. If you choose to have the party indoors, decorate the main party room like a forest. Cover 1 or 2 walls with butcher paper and paint on simple trees, flowers, grass, sky, clouds and some friendly birds and insects flying by. Use gingham fabric to decorate tables and lay out picnic blankets for sitting. Gather all the Teddy Bears you can find through friends and family and place them all around room. Indoors or out, helium filled balloons are always an important part of this theme. Don’t forget the giant homemade “Teddy Bears Picnic” party banner!

Invitations: Find cute teddy bear scrap booking paper or use brown construction paper cut into the shape of a Teddy Bear. A cookie Cutter works great for this! Put the teddy bear picnic rhyme on the front of the invite. The teddy bear picnic rhyme goes like this…”If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise, If you go down to the woods today, you’d better go in disguise, For ev’ry bear that ever there was will gather there for certain, because today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.” On the inside of the invite, using your computer, print out the party information. Cut and paste if your not printing right on to the invitation. Use some cute clipart to dress up the inside party information. Be sure to request that every child bring their favourite teddy bear.

Craft: Before the party, make each child a set of Furry Bear Ears. The ears can be made with a brown furry material or brown felt. Make a template of an oval approximately 6″ long by 3 1/2 inches wide. You need 2 ovals per set. Trace onto material and cut out oval shapes. Fold the ovals in half lengthwise around an inexpensive hair band and affix with a hot glue gun. Voila! Fuzzy Bear Ears!

Guest arrival: When the guests arrive, paint on them a perfect little black bear nose and give them their very own Fuzzy Bear Ears to wear. Adorable! While waiting for everyone to arrive, have a small activity set up like teddy bear colouring pages. When all guests are accounted for, start out the days activities by sitting on the picnic blanket and have everyone introduce their Bear. Then read the classic children’s book “Teddy Bears Picnic” to get everyone in the mood.

Lunch: Make Picnic Baskets for the guests attending. Purchase inexpensive wicker baskets at your local dollar store or craft store. Dress up the baskets by hot gluing red & white gingham fabric to the inside of basket. Lunch is to be served in the baskets including a plate, napkin and utensils. The kids will feel so special when the receive their special pre-packed lunch in their own beautiful basket. After lunch, their basket doubles as their “loot bag” for all the items they will collect on their “Bear Hunt.” The lunch baskets can consist of Honey and Peanut Butter Sandwiches cut with a teddy bear shaped cookie cutter, a juice box, a fruit cup and of course a pack of teddy graham cookies. A neat idea for dessert is to make paw print cupcakes. Using your favourite cake flavor and your child’s favourite colour for icing, make little paw prints using 1 junior mint and 4 upside down chocolate chips. To cute!

Games: Bear Hunt – Proceed just like you would on an Easter Egg Hunt. Even use those plastic eggs and fill with candy and trinkets. To make it more Teddy Bear like, decorate the Eggs with a Bear sticker or draw on a Bear paw print with a black sharpie. You can let them go and find anything or you could colour co-ordinate so every child gets the same amount. For example, Sally finds and gathers the pink eggs, John finds and gathers the on. You can also use shapes coloured on the eggs for definition. Squares, triangles, hearts, stars – anything a toddler can recognize. With help of course! Another fun game to play just before the party winds down is “Is that your Bear?” Have the kids sit in a circle with all their Bears piled in the middle. The birthday child will go first. They are to put on a blindfold and when they are ready, they are presented with 3 bears, one of which is their own. Through touch they are challenged to figure out which Bear belongs to them. Perfect for toddlers! Get in touch for inquiring about picnic games.

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