Isagenix 30 Day

isagenix 30 day
IsaGenix: Is it safe to do a 9-Day cleanse and a 30-Day cleanse back to back?

Also, is there a “limit” as to how many times you should be using IsaGenix in a year? I know some detox/cleanse systems are only recommended to do maximum twice a year. Is it the same for IsaGenix?

You can do a 9 day followed by a 30 day. You can even do up to three nine days back to back IF you are otherwise healthy etc..
Some folks continue the 30 day for several months, again based on their health situation etc….

Personally my initial introduction (spring/summer 2006) I did 3 back to back 9 days, followed by two 30 days and eliminated 40 pounds! I’ve held that weight ever since and continue to cleanse one / two days a month.

Be sure to work with a cleansing coach when putting together your plan. I’m happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse Program & Workout (4 Week Update)