Isagenix 30 Days Program

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isagenix? does it work?

i’m thinking about using isagenix…has anyone used this product? should i do the 9 day or 30 day program? what should i expect? what does it taste like? is it convenient?? is it safe to use with other diet pills? is it worth the money? i would just like some general info on this product, if anyone has used it. thanks in advance.

~ I’ve used the product since April 2006 and love it!
~ 9 vs 30 day depends on the individual, their goals and any specific health situation.
~ Expect to Feel Great as your body gets rid of the toxins that have accumulated in your system. The product is really just pure nutrition in a concentrated format.
~ Taste is great, both the choclate and vanilla, when mixed with ice it’s quite frothy and very similar to a shake from the DQ.
~ Very convenient, makes meal time, especailly breakfast veyr simple.
~ No Diet Pills!!!!
~ Absolutly worth the money, my biggest expense has been replacing my wardrobe as I’ve gone from a size 16/18 to an 8/10.
I’d be happy to arrange a product information phone call for you. This would be strictly informational, if you choose to purchase later that is a different call.
Please send me an e-mail and we’ll get all you questions answered.