Isagenix 9 Day Diet

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PLEASE HELP ME!!!! If you mess up on the Isagenix 9 day program, is it possible to get back on track?

So far I have completed the pre-cleanse days and I’m on my 1 cleansing day. around 4pm, i though about quiting. So I ate a small piece of pound cake and whole wheat bread with chicken deli meat. Now I feel bad. Is there anyway I could get back on the diet. Still have weight loss. So far I’ve lost 4lbs.

FIRST OFF – Don’t’ sweat it. You absolutely can get back on track. One of the great things about Isagenix is the program can (and is with coaching) adaptable to meet your needs.

In reality you should be consuming something every 2 hours. In working with my clients I always, ALWAYS tell them that on cleanse days they have no optional snacks ALL are REQUIRED. I also have them add in an apple (or two for some), celery, cucumber etc… They also are able to call me any time for support.
Get back on the cleanse plan TODAY! have your snacks (Isa-snacks and almonds) AND add in an apple slice or two throughout the day (so that it adds up to an entire apple by the end of the day).
Down 4 pounds with 2 pre-cleanse and a 1/2 cleanse is GREAT! You are doing very well.
Please check with your coach for additional tips etc….

Good Luck and Happy Cleansing.

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