Isagenix 9 Day Reviews

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Can someone please give me a review of Isagenix? How much can I expect to lose in the first 9 days?

I actually just started the 30 day program – starting with the 9 day cleanse. In between the time I asked the question and today – I am down 9 pounds. I have done 2 pre-cleanse days and I’m on my 2nd cleanse day. I’ve really been struggling with bad headaches – but other than that I’m ok – no hunger like I expected. I have about 100 pounds to lose so I expected I would lose more than the average in the first 9 days – but I didn’t expect this kind of success!

I have done the program and have a some friends who have done it and we all lost weight from it. You just have to stick to the program and not cheat. It’s really hard to say how much you can expect to lose without knowing more information about you. The average weight lose is 7 to 9 pounds. If you e-mail me I can try to help you pick the right isagenix package for your needs, so you can get the most out of the product.

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