Isagenix Back Office Isagenix

isagenix back office isagenix
How can I find 2 reps for my isagenix business?

I sell isagenix )great product I must say). I’ve lost 5 pounds on the 9 day cleanse. However, trying to find two sponsers is difficult. Any suggestions? I’m more motivated to sell especially after seeing my sponsor’s back office. She has 190 people under her in 3 months! gosh. What should I do?

start a blog
create a website
know your market
advertise ( both online and locally )
think big – 2? WTF after a little while just rent a room at a hotel and start doing seminars for people intrested
Possible headlines “The next wave in diet be a part of it”
“Help others while making money” “Breakthough : Be part of it” or something that has to do with your industry.
Read books and information on the subject
create pamplates and send them out to beauty supply stores
talk to beauty supply agents , retailers, hairdressers . Show them what ur company is about , and tell they can be a part of it for free or for a little admissions fee or say they ahve to buy the sales manual. ( dont have a sales manual ????)

THINK BIG! But work in small steps… one step at a time.
If ur serious about what ur doing, you will want to rent a office someday. but for now , get free room out of ur house and make it into a nice ass looking work office. ( im thinking this is a work at hope job ) when you go into the office make sure your dressed as though ur at work.

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