Isagenix Cleanse Days Snacks

isagenix cleanse days snacks
Isagenix Cleanse Diet–normal to gain weight on the first day?

So, probably being just super paranoid here, but I started the Isagenix Cleanse diet today. It’s basically a plan where you drink a cleansing drink four times per day, drink lots of water, and eat up to six little snack wafers if you get hungry. You’re supposed to do this for two days, then switch to the next part of the diet, which is protein shake meal replacement.

I’m just a little bit discouraged because, from this morning to this evening, I gained two pounds. Is this just all the water I’ve been drinking, or what? :/

It depends on how your body reacted of the way you choose your diet. The best diet is don’t skip meal and eat healthy foods. Do the exercise regularly to burn fats and just enjoy what you are doing. Don’t be paranoid.

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