Isagenix Scam

isagenix scam
dieting things?

I need to know what’s a good, cheap, and effective diet supplement. Well, really I dont want a diaretic, I want something that will just help and not do everything for me. I want something that wont make me loose everything and then gain it all back. I want to be able 2 see a difference and I’m also short on the cash fund. I was thinking about getting Isagenix but its way too expensive and most diet things are a complete scam or ineffective and I just don’t have the time or money 2 be wasting on one of them. So, if there’s anything that anyone knows….please tell me!

Isagenix is NOT a diaretic, but a cleansing system to help rid your body of toxins. By rid I mean really rid – it is gone! It will come back IF you continue with poor eating habits etc… but not just by stopping the program.
there are ways of getting the program a bit cheaper and believe me it is well worth the cost. In reality it works out to about $5 a meal and it is PURE NUTRITION.
check in with a Isagenix rep for more info. Mine is great, she also helps out coaching you through the program without trying to sell you additional stuff.
She can be found at

FYI – I lost 12 pounds and 10 inches in 9 days AND it has stayed away – Way coooooool.

Isagenix Scam? Don’t Be Stupid!