Ta 65 Source

ta 65 source
Nostradamus prophecy, USA and Quatrain X-65?

Some months before 9/11, I did find the following quatrain disturbing and wrote it down on my notebook, the french book source got lost, but now till this day I still wondering if he is refering to the States, I’m just horrible wondering. Have any of you red these before?

O vaste Rome ta ruine s’approche
Non de tes murs de ton sang et substance;
L’aspre par lettres fera horrible coche,
Fer pointu mis à tous jusqu’ au manche

What in heavens name would make you think that???
X65 – O mighty Rome, dread ruin comes again
Not to your walls, but to your living part.
Hurt you shall be by words of harsh disdain,
Whose sword shall pierce you to the very heart.

Scholars have studied this and see it more as the end of the Roman Catholic papacy. Read this as: not to your walls (the city of Rome) but to your living part (the pope).

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