Ta Sciences Ta 65

ta sciences ta 65
what college should i go to?

i am in 10th grade and i am decided what college i should go to….
so…my GPA in 9th was…. 3.8 3.6or3.7 3.7 and 3.7 i am not 100% sure about my 9th GPA however… my 10th GPA was…3.65…and 3.9or 4.0….. i am going to start volunteer at a library and this year i am taking…university of utah calculus, ap euro hist. ap art hist. honors bio, chinese 1, health, wind ensemble, english, TA….. and last year…(9th) i took FLEX(foreign language explore or whatever) earth science, concert band, english, pre-calculus. Ap human geography, creative writing, and…i cannot remember the last one… I didn’t take Ap exam last year but i am planning on it this year for art hist and Euro hist.
so…. I don’t really care if it is a private college or not….i think that private college will be better for me because i am not a out going person and i don’t want a class room size of like….more than 200….
So….which college would you recomend to me….??

My 4 recommendations in order of preference would be Harvey Mudd, Cal-tech, Olin College, and Rose Hullman:

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