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Telomerase Lengthening

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Telomeres: 2 Genes Linked To Why They Stretch In Cancer Cells
Scientists at Johns Hopkins have provided more clues to one of the least understood phenomena in some cancers: why the “ends caps” of cellular DNA, called telomeres, lengthen instead of shorten. In a study published online June 30 in Science Express, the Johns Hopkins researchers say they have identified two genes that, when defective, may cause these telomere elongations. Telomeres contain …
Were you first interested in telomeres or in anti-aging?

Telomerase Length

telomerase length
Cancer cells differ from noncancerous cells in that:?

A. they have elevated levels of telomerase.

B. they are virtually immortal.

C. they can maintain telomere length as they divide.

D. they have the ability to resist apoptosis.

E. All of these.

Since I’m assuming your question is about cancer cells in general and not a particular cell, the answer would be e.

Carol Greider, Ph.D., Q&A Part 1