Telomerase Genes

telomerase genes
The gene for making the protein Telomerase is located on which Chromosome in human?

The gene for making the protein(enzyme actually) Telomerase is located on which Chromosome in human??
Okay, Thanks you for answering. But thats not what i am looking for. Please keep in mind that Telomerase is an enzyme, each enzyme is a protein. and each protein in the human body is made by one specific gene located on one chromosome. I am trying to find out what that chromosome is.

TERT (telomerase reverse transcriptase) and dyskerin are both protein subunits of the telomerase enzyme (from wikipedia). Here is how to find the genomic location of a gene you are interested in:

1) Go to the UCSC Genome Bioinformatics webpage. Click on Genome Browser.
2) Select Homo sapiens and type the name of the gene into the “search term” box. Press submit.
3) Find your gene in the search results. TERT is on chromosome 5. Dyskerin is on the X.

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