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Isagenix ?? help help help?

I have been on isagenix for 4weeks and lost 20lbs. I wont do another month or two. (I wont to lose 50-60lbs) Or maybe longer
anyways my question I want to enroll as a member so that I get wholesale price but when you fill out the form it say which type do you wont (I have copyed and pasted from website)

Associate Account – Enroll as a member
Buy products at wholesale prices directly from Isagenix and start enjoying all the benefits of the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan.

Preferred Customer Account – Enroll as a preferred customer and buy at our wholesale prices
Buy products at wholesale prices directly from Isagenix. Preferred Customers do not participate in the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan; however, they will be assigned a position in the Team Placement Tree and may upgrade to Associate Status within one year of sign-up at no additional cost

is there any difference between the both???


first off congrats on your initial cleanse results! Great Job!
Associate – you get wholesale pricing and IF you chose to refer someone and/or sell the product you are able to earn money
Preferred Customer – wholesale pricing, no opportunity to earn cash.

Personally I first began with no intention of ever selling (I didn’t believe it was going to work). It did work and after a year of keeping off 40 pounds and multiple requests “how’d you do it?” I started referring people. Then I began taking the training to teach others how to cleanse.
I now have the honor of working with people all over the country and helping them get healthier and in a few cases earn a few bucks themselves. It’s a really interesting journey and one I never even realized I signed up for.
Any additional questions please let me know I’m happy to help.

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