Does Ta 65 Really Work

does ta 65 really work
Enough for Medical School?

I am a freshman in college and do not have anyone to really talk to about putting together a competitive application, etc. for medical school. I entered college with 25 hours in AP credit, a scholar with a 32 ACT, and as an honors student. Through my first semester alone, I’m sitting on a 3.65 (a B in a humanities course), shadowing a doctor over four hours a week, volunteering at a hospital for over 5 hours per week, working on various research projects at a nuclear reactor laboratory, helping as a TA, en route to a couple research publications, a member of the American Chemical Society, and actively involved in five extracurricular activities, with an officer position in two of them. Anything more or less I should add? My ultimate goal is Duke University School of Medicine. Advice, anyone… add, subtract, maintain?


Most students who intends to get to Medical School don’t make it. The competition is intense.
You should choose your Major to give you a good fallback career while at the same time facilitating pre-med courses. Some Majors that meet both criteria are:

Bioprocess Engineering
Biological Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Pharmaceutical Sciences

ECs are mostly fluff. Your application stands or falls on GPA and MCAT scores.

How does TA-65 work?: Recharge Biomedical – Dr. Ed Park’s Podcast 13