Isagenix 30 Day Program Cost

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im a 13 year old girl and im 5’8” and i weigh 150

im trying to lose 30 pounds and i was wondering if i should use the 30-day program or the 9-program and how much did it cost for each?!?!?!?thanks bunches

or any info you have on this product plz tell me anything you know!!!!thanks again
or if you know of any good cleansing diets things that would help thanks

The company does have programs for youth, however
BEFORE you purchase speak with your parents AND a cleansing coach to make sure this is the best route for you.

At a height of 5’8″ your weight is not excessive – your BMI is certainly in the healthy and normal range. At age 13 your body has a great deal of growing left to do. It is more important for you to learn healthy food and exercise choices.

The cost will vary depending on the program you choose. It averages about $10 a day.

Again, speak with your parents and then hook up with a trained Isagenix coach to learn more.

Good Luck

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