Isagenix Chocolate Shakes

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Has anyone found a replacement to the Isagenix Shake?

I have been drinking the Isagenix Shake (Chocolate) for over a year now, and I love the taste as well as the energy that it gives me. I can’t seem to live without it… but yeesh – the price is a little steep, and no I am not willing to build my “MLM” to help finance it. Has anyone out there found a better or similar tasting/feeling shake?

Isagenix Shake is made of undenatured whey, which I heard was the best kind. I have tried BioChem (that was yucky) and Almased (which is Soy based). I tried Vega, and that was great but even more expensive. I have also tried Hemp shakes… Please help!

I’ve tried a variety, but nothing compares. Either the tastes is yucky or the ingredients not as pure. Price ends up being pretty comparable.

I presume you are purchasing as an associate at wholesale prices right? If not, it is very much worth it to join for the $39 savings. You don’t “have” to sell – just enjoy the discounts

Isagenix Program Day 2 – So far, not bad 🙂