Isagenix Cleanse Program

isagenix cleanse program
Isagenix for 350 ? Crazy. Whats the “wal-mart” type of cleanser or detox?

Its crazy to spend 350 on this stuff when I know their is other off brand items that will do just as good for less money. ANyone know of any detox or cleanse program for cheaper?

Isagenix is worth the money, but don’t pay retail for it. Isagenix offers a wholesale membership for $49. Then, you can purchase all your products for wholesale. The wholesale price of the 30-day is $249.

Here’s a site that offers the 30-day, shipping & the wholesale membership for $299. This is probably the best price you’ll find online:

or if you are in Canada…

Isagenix is far better than the “Wal-Mart” versions of cleanses. Isagenix detoxes while nourishing your body. Other detox or cleanse programs might detox, but do nothing for restoring balance to your system. If you detox without flooding your system with nutrition, you will leave yourself mineral, vitamin, protein and enzyme deficient. This is just setting your body up to become weak or suseptible to illness after a cleanse.

I strongly recommend the Isagenix cleanses if you are looking for a good way to lose fat pounds and improve your health. You get what you pay for.

All about your Isagenix cleanse program?