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For 2 back to back 9 day isagenix cleanses, do people take a break in between? Or is it 4 days w/o food?

HI Isagenix users! I will be starting my second 9 day cleanse in the next couple of days and I am confused as to how I transition into the next 9 day program since I’m currently on a 9 day. Is it really 4 days in a row of cleanse days without food? Or is there a another, better way?
Thank you!

It isn’t wise to do 4 cleanse days in a row. You will grow very hungry, and it’s not very healthy.

What I would recommend is doing the 2 last cleanse days, and than doing 2 shake days, and than go onto your next 9 day cleanse. This will allow your body to be fed and receive nutrition that it needs from the 2 day cleanse.

Than you can go back to another 2 day cleanse, and on to your shake days!

Good for you though!

I’m going to be going on 2 nine day cleanses here soon and I’m really looking forward to it.
Hope all is very successful for you:D

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