Isagenix Diet Program

isagenix diet program
do you recommend this diet thing thats vitamins?

I’m really interested to find out what people think about this product isagenix- sounds amazing to me- but I want to hear from the real people on yahoo! Thank you…….. the product im talking about is at this link (9 or 30 day program is what im intereste in)

I do not. There are MANY vitamin/nutritional companies out there doing network marketing. That’s because it’s the right time for it – think baby boomers reaching the right age.

Vitamins are not regulated by the FDA, because they are not a drug. Because of this, the way they’re produced (not regulated like drugs), the speed at which they disolve and are absorbed by your body (many end up in the toilet even days later…) and what’s actually IN the powder/tablet/etc (if it says 100mg, it must have at least 3 mg and then it’s “within tollerance”) isn’t really known.

Yes, I am a distributor for a competitor. USANA Health Sciences. This product does have a couple things that I have not seen in others. It is in the PDR. The Physician’s Desk Reference. To be in there, the FDA has to have checked out the production and absorbtion rate and verified that what it says on the bottle is in the bottle. Another thing that USANA has is a $1,000,000 guaranty that if an athlete is using this supplement, he will not test possitive for any drugs in competition due to this supplement – others don’t make any claims like that. Many Canadian and US Olympians use USANA and can do so without worry of losing their medals to drug testing.

On a personal level, I have noted a TREMENDOUS increase in energy and maybe more importantly, recovery time from physical activity. Also, it’s the first brand of glucosomine that has helped my knees feel better (I’ve had three knee surgeries and have not run since 1986)

Check it out – for diet/weight loss/cleasing we have something called RESET. It’s a week long program to get you started.

How To Increase Running Speed With Isagenix Program – Better Than An Athlete Diet