Isagenix Diet

isagenix diet
Has anyone heard of a diet called isagenix?

A family member of mine has just started this diet. I looked it up online and people claim to have lost alot of weight and inches off their body in as little as 11 days. Usually i dont believe diets like this but it says its a cleansing diet. Cleaning out your system and boosting up your metabolism. It claims to be all natural and healthy for you. I have been thinking of starting this myself but i would like some positive feedback. I am an ex athelete who took a 3 year break due to a brain tumor/brain surgury and am finally feeling better to get back into shape.
Thanks everyone! I Started Isagenix yesterday and the first day i felt way better. I think i may have even lost a pound or two the first day. Today is my second day and its going great. My goal is to finish the 11 days then if i feel okay i am going to go with the 30day program. I want to lose about 70 pounds. So tomorrow is the real first day and my first cleanse, Lets see how it goes.

I just read the previous reply and I have to say it’s inaccurate. While my answer may be biased (in that I have chosen to be affiliated with Isagenix as I certainly do endorse them), it’s important to note that my colleagues are colon hydrotherapists, holistic practitioners, fitness instructors, top athletes, physicians and such. My reply (below) is not only based on having personally coached 100+ customers through the Isagenix program but from the feedback of these established (some of them very established and respected) professionals.

The previous reply to your question talked about “water diets”. That is different from a cleansing program (although sometimes marketed as the same thing). Forget Isagenix for a minute and feel free to type in “benefits of cleansing” in Google or pick up a book on the subject.

Cleansing doesn’t address “water weight”, it addresses toxins. ABC News has done their own investigative report (namely on Isagenix) and 3rd party researchers have looked into the program.

What you are looking for is a high quality and nutrient dense cleansing program… there are a few of them out there… of these, I feel that Isagenix is the best for efficiency, nutritional/health value and simplicity.

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