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Isagenix Does It Work?

Ok well, my doctor told me I need to loose weight fast because supposedly I have high cholesterol and stuff. I read up on this amazing line of body cleansing products, 1 being isagenix. Is it safe for me to take it? I turned 16 like 3 days ago. And also how much does it cost and where can I find it locally? (Orlando area)
If not just places they do or might sell it. Thanks!

Yes it really works and it’s safe for youth- however we do recommend talking with your parents first to make sure it’s a program that you are both comfortable with.
Isagenix is simply concentrated pure nutrition, you take in two shakes a day as meal replacements and eat a real meal and several snacks throughout the day.
It’s available only over the internet – be sure to sign up with someone that is a cleansing coach to make sure you get your best results.
If you sign up as an associate (you must be 18 for this – so have your parents do it) you get wholesale pricing that works out to about $4 a shake/meal.
Let me know when you and your parents would like to learn more and we can arrange a time to chat – no sales, just information sharing.

Good Luck

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