Isagenix Reviews Bad

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Isagenix; Good and bad reviews wanted!!?

My father and his wife, along with my aunt, have all began RAVING about this Isagenix product. My dad has lost 35 lbs in 20 days and my step mom has lost 6 lbs in 5 days. They are telling me all of these wonderful things, but I can’t help but wonder about the other side of the coin.
Therefore, my question is if any of you fine folk have tried Isagenix or know someone who has (please no friend of a brother’s uncle’s girlfriend’s grandma) and the reviews of them, be they good or bad.
I am not advertising this stuff, merely looking for reviews on it from other people. I have only run into people who greatly enjoy the product, and am looking for those who have used it and who feel one way or another. I am not an associate and whle I have read up on many of the items claiming the exact same thing, it is not a scam, as there is a money back guarantee and you are not forced into the company. The cleanse is not a duiretic, which I like.

Are you advertising this stuff?
There is nothing outstanding about the ingredients and the company isn’t very forthcoming with a comprehensive list of them.
Unless your father and stepmom were grossly overweight that is a dangerous amount to lose.
I think they should talk to their doctors to be on the safe side.

There are many (?fictional) posts online similar to your question and a great deal of promotional advertising. It looks expensive – ?worth it?

They, like all other weight loss products, advise a careful diet plus increasing activity, exercise. I cartainly wouldn’t pay for what looks like a bit of a scam.
They say “Incorporate a 9-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System every now and then, try new exercises and instead of a slow, steady jog, try a sprint workout instead.”

There is no such thing as a fat burner, the only thing that does burn fat is exercise. Cleanse usually means holistic diarrhoea leading to loss of water weight,
Also online…
“Isagenix is sold through an MLM system where each seller gets a commission for the sales they have instigated through multi-level marketing. Most of the products in these MLM selling systems don’t make as much of an impact on the buyer as getting involved in the system, so they can earn a commission. The theory is that there are enough people around who want to lose weight as well as make money, so it is a win-win situation for everyone. But in fact, some people claim that Isagenix is a scam and does not work.”

The cleanse contains bentonite, an absorbent, expanding clay similar to kitty litter.
Laxatives to expel the expanded bentonite include…
Yellow dock, alfalfa (which also has diuretic properties).
Burdock root, fennel, yucca root…
Read the lower link.

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