Isagenix Reviews

isagenix reviews
Isagenix vs Colonix?

I would like to take off 10-15 pounds and clean out my body of toxins. I see that Isagenix and Colonix both have good reviews but which one is better to do both (clean the body and lose weight). I also don’t want a product that will make my heart rate and nerves to go higher. Does Colonix help you lose weight?

Thanks in advance for your answers 🙂

The only way to loose REAL weight (not just water) is diet and exercise. Unless you have heavy metal poisoning, diagnosed by a MD, you do not need to “detox”…Detox is today’s snake oil. Remember the tortoise and the hare: FAST SOLUTIONS DON’T WORK!

See a nutritionist and find out what your healthy weight is, and how to get there by changing your habits in the long term!

Isagenix Reviews