Isagenix Scams

isagenix scams
is isagenix a scam?

is isagenix a scam? I found this: and was wondering if

these claims are true. I found some people saying it’s really worked for them. Here are some of those stories: Does anyone have thougths about whose telling the truth?

Isagenix is for real – at least for me. I started the product, after 3 months of research and several referrals from friends and family, and eliminated over 40 pounds in 90 days and felt GREAT. I’ve kept the weight off since Aug of 2006 and even started coaching others in April of 2007. Even my doctor has been very impressed with the change in my body (after over 20 years of being obese I’m now in the “normal” range)

There has only been one individual that I’ve worked with (of 100’s) that the program didn’t work for and that person wasn’t willing to give up regular AYCE fish frys etc… They just weren’t up for the lifestyle change.

Good Luck with your research and any further questions I’ll be happy to help any way I can.

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