Isagenix Shake Calories

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Is this too much food on a 1200 calorie diet?

Obviously, it’s a little under 1200 but did I make good choices.
Please make no comments on the isagenix meal replacement shakes.
They’re handy and i’m busy 😀

Breakfast= Isagenix shake.

Snack= White peach.

Lunch= Healthy choice soup with one slice of wheat bread, one egg, one cheese ball, a cup of green beans, and one activia yogurt.

Snack= orange.

Dinner= Isagenix shake.

So does this sound healthy?
I mean the cheese has very little fat but every diet needs fat.

it is whole wheat bread ;D

Seems like yer not having enough. =/ It does sound healthy if you nix the shakes. XP And!!! You need at least 20g of fat a day.

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