Isagenix Shake Day Meals

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on Isagenix/slim fast/protein shakes how much weight did you lose?can I ever really be happy?

Ok so I want to lose 60 pounds, but I Will not settle until I lose at least 40…

Im going to do isagenix which is similar to slim fast or meal replacement shakes.. It says you have the shakes and 400 calories a day in food which I am only going to eat in fruit…

How much weight will I lose in a month on this

anyone do this how much did you lose in 30 days???

motivate me please.. I dont wanna be fat anymore.. I dont even wanna go out.. every other aspect of my life is almost perfect but I cant live it out until I am happy with my body…

ugh and I have stretch marks so Idk if I will ever be fully happy..

my sister lost about 3 lbs a week on this. Which is what you should be targeting. please DO NOT eat only fruit. I know it’s hard. I had to lose 55 lbs. eat a healthy balanced meal, you will feel so much better. Also try doing some excersise as well, that is pretty much the only way to do it, diet and exersise.

Isagenix – Day 12 I forgot to eat!