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Isagenix! Questions!?

A friend of mine is doing Isagenix and he has done amazing in the month he’s been on it! He weighs about 350 and has lost probably 30 lbs already if not more! Even when he indulges he still loses! So my question was about the program–I know you do two shakes and a “real food” meal around 450 calories or so on shake days and I know what you drink on the cleanse days, I guess I’m just confused about the snacks? What snacks do you eat on the plan? He didn’t mention any so I wasn’t sure and i’ve looked into the program and haven’t really found the info so I thought I’d ask here before I for sure look into purchasing it. Thanks!

there are a couple of snack options
1 – Isasnacks, either chocolate or vanilla “wafers”. these are included when you purchase either the 9 day or 30 day program. You may also buy them separately
2 – Roasted unsalted Almonds
3 – some apple slices
4- Isa Delights (my personal favorite), these are wonderful dark chocolates with extra amino acids to help both curb your appetite and feel GREAT!

There are other options too, however it really depends on the individual. It’s best to first speak with a cleansing coach to learn about which program is right for you, your lifestyles and goals. What’s great is the coaching is FREE and experience shows that folks that use a trained coach have greater results.
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Good Luck

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