Isagenix Shakes Price

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Why is Isagenix so expensive? and does it work?

I was looking into Isagenix and it looks cool, but it is SO dang expensive. Is it really worth it? I might as well go on NutriSystem or Jenny Craig for that price, and have whole meals.

Anyone (who is NOT trying to sell something) have any experience with it? Do the shakes taste good, and the juice?

It’s shakes and protein bars… Why not just do the SlimFast diet? It is cheaper…

I’d prefer having people NOT selling it answer this Q—thanks for all input!

Yes I have used it and YES it is worth it.
Shakes and juice taste great.

SlimFast is NOT comparable to Isagenix. Isagenix is pure nutrition and cleanses your body. It does not deprive you.

You can sign up as a associate (similar to a Sams Club/CostCo membership) and get wholesale pricing.

I can introduce you to my coach for a product introduction if interested. There is no cost or obligation, just information.

Good Luck.

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