Isagenix Weight Loss Reviews

isagenix weight loss reviews
Has anyone heard of Isagenix?

Has anyone done this ‘miracle cleanse’? Promises 35 lb weight loss a month? I can NOT find ANY bad reviews? Bad or good sign?

sagenix International is a major scam. It has changed statements on its site and is pedaling pipe dreams.

The company is a major brainwash and preys upon two things peoples desire to make money and lose weight. It truly delivers on neither.

For the longest time in their testimonials they had people making outrageous claims of weight loss. Ever since adding in the study that shows that the average weight loss is 7 pounds under their disclaimers they have been taking those claims and actually changing the wording in them to bring them more in line with their studies of course claiming weight loss in nine days with none showing any longer results. The Doctors testimonials all of a sudden gained a note next to them stating that these were not supposed to be a testimonial of any isagenix product.(Kind of a strange addition to a page that they still have not yet figured out they should remove the words doctors testimonials over the quotes.

The product is nothing but your Garden Variety liquid diet much like Cambridge diet…wait John Coover (president of the company) you founded that garbage diet too didn’t you? amazing just rename it and claim it is now for detoxifying and maybe you can rip off more people with it.

Isagenix Weight Loss Challenge,