Isagenix Weight Loss Stories

isagenix weight loss stories
Has anyone use Isagenix weight loss. If so does it work?

I had a baby 8 months ago and my mother in law told me about Isagenix. It cost alot of money, but if it works I don’t mind. I really don’t have funds to be giving away. So if you tried it or know someone close to you please share your story.

Noooo.. no no no… I’ve tried EVERYTHING, as I too have kids. No matter what I did, how hard I tried, I could not for the life of me lose the weight. I ended up going to my doctor who then put me on Adipex-P. I came home and researched it and was a little nervous about taking it, but over the course of 8 months, I lost 83 pounds! My doctor was impressed and said that most patients lose 20-30 pounds in 8 months, however since I have found other women like myself who have had had the same success. Anyways 2 years ago from this December i found out I was expecting again, and figured I would gain back everything, but my last pregnancy *( which I had my baby august of 2007 )*, I only gain total 30 pounds… The most I gained altogether before going back on it again this July was 35 pounds. Ive been on it again since the very end of july and I’ve lost around 18 pounds, since now. You can only get Adipex through your doctor, but it’s not too bad in price. I pay 27.00 a month at Target for it, and it’s around 27.00 as well at walmart. However, a pharmacy I used to live by, it was only 17.00 a month.
I highly recommend it, because I understand what you are going through!
There are things to look out for, like your heart may feel like it’s racing at first *( the first 2-3 days you take it, and if you have too much caffine/sugar while on it )*. Once in a while my head will feel tingly… Sometimes you have a harder time falling asleep… and mood changes. You may get very angry at something, that’s not really a big deal… However when you feel this “anger/rage”, where you want to just scream, I usually just go in the bathroom and say my swear words under my breath or take a shower or some alone time, then I am fine. *( Most docs recommend you get behavioral counseling while on it, but if you don’t have an anger problem and you know how to have self control you’ll be fine”. It’s really not that big of a deal tho. If your doc specializes in internal medicine they wont prescribe it, and usually just M.D.’s give it or D.O’s..

I hope that helps!

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