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isagenix weight loss system
When Should I Buy My Post Weight Loss Clothes(Warbrobe)?

Today…I Found Out That I Lose 8 Pounds! & I just bought the Isagenix Cleanse System and Know I Will be losing some more. My grandma currently gave me some money to basically buy a new warbrobe. Im gonna buy t-shirts(cant go wrong with t-shirt sizes. L or XL) jewlery & accessories & shoes. But should I wait & save part of the money i was gonna use to buy jeans, jackets and hoodies when i’ve actually lost the weight? Im between a size 14 & 16 and want to get to a 11/12 maybe a 10. which is not long or far.

LET ME KNO Thankx!

First of all, congrats! (^_^)/

I agree with Labby: wait until you get closer to your goal before purchasing the clothing. That way if you lose more weight than you planned, or you decide you’re happier with less weight loss than you had expected, you don’t have to purchase more clothing. Also, often as you lose weight you’ll find that it comes off in areas you hadn’t expected (up top for example, or in your feet; that surprised me as well since I didn’t realize I had extra weight on my feet, but I was in a size 7 shoe and now I’m in a 6, so I guess my feet did have some extra weight somewhere… o_O). You’ll want to make sure that when you buy the clothes you buy them for the figure you have at the time (not that you plan to have), if that makes sense. When I first started losing weight a couple of months ago (before we learned it was because of the cancer), I was extremely happy and went out and bought a new dress that fit every curve beautifully… just to lose a bit more weight, and that time in the chest area. =( It wasn’t a huge deal but the dress didn’t fit the same and I was fairly disappointed. You want to make sure you’re weight is steady (it’s common to gain back around 5 lbs. after you plateau, and then your weight will stabilize as long as you’ve been eating well the whole time), and then buy some clothes that will make you feel great when you wear them. ^_^

Have you asked your grandma if she minds you using part of the money to pay off some of the stuff you mention in your other questions? You could perhaps plan on using half of the money to purchase a couple of necessary items, like jeans and tailored-style shirts to show off your new figure (or hit a thrift store and buy a bunch of clothes for the same amount… I absolutely love thrift stores because people get rid of the most amazing clothes, and I can buy a bunch of clothes for less than $30.00! ^_^) and then use the other half towards your financial difficulties…? For example, buying jewelry is fun, but there’s no need to replace your jewelry when you lose weight, and maybe you can use that extra money that you don’t spend to help with the car, or the delinquent credit account. ::shrugging:: Just a suggestion. I’m sure your grandma would be proud of you for wanting to do that, and it would show your grandpa that you’re working towards the car.

Keep up the good work in losing weight healthily, and I wish you luck in your modeling endeavor. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you need to do to be beautiful, though; you already are beautiful. In this nation of starved icons and skeletal role models, women need to see healthy REAL women on the catwalk.

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