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a question about isagenix?

my mom just ordered isagenix for the whole family, for the 9 day cleanse. i’m 12 years old, is it okay for me to do it? because i think i’m disgustingly fat, i’m not too sure though. (12 years old, 5’6 1/2, 154 pounds, i’ve never weighed that much in my life!!!) i just started a good workout plan that i’ll (hopefully) be sticking too. how many people have had a good outcome with it? is it safe for me to take it at 12?

oh! also; i read somewhere that, (for example) if you were really skinny, and then your stomach got HUGE, & you started working out, you automatically lose weight off of the first place you last gained it? so your stomach would shrink in that scenario? the last place i saw it go to was my stomach and kinda my thighs, which is where i want to lose it. because i was wondering if it would take it off there, or would it like, shrink my boobs? lol i’m a B cup.

You should not do the cleanse days. You are still growing and need the calories. But if you want to have a shake instead of a meal or have the snacks, that is fine.

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