Ta 65 Price

ta 65 price
Will this run high end games on high settings?

Gigabyte EP31-ds3l – $113
E8400 – $271
512mb Gigabyte 4850 – $245
Seagate 500G – $89
4gb G.Skill-PQ – $85
SATA Samsung DVD-RW – $27
Asus TA-B21 – $65
Apevia 500-Java PSU – $73
TOTAL – $968

Sorry I’ve already asked this question but I want to be 200% sure. Can this comp run all the recent games + future ones at HIGH SETTINGS.
Some games would be: CRYSIS, COD4, Assassins Creed, Mirrors edge, THE NEW PRINCE OF PERSIA!! (I wanna play it so bad) and etc etc.

So can this computer run them at HIGH SETTINGS without problem? How many FPS do you think I’ll get?
Also the price is at AUD not USD.

Sincerly, me. 🙂 Thanks!!
I’m also not using a HD wide screen just using a crappy old screen 🙁 i think 17inch?
I also heard crysis is a really HIGH graphical game. hoping to play that too on high 😛

Should do, Crysis will play on about very high with no AA. You’ll get about 22fps on crysis on very high other games higher, Si you can play ever game on very high. It’ll be able to run games for about 3 years for the hardware, Core 2’s are becoming old, especially duo’s. The 4850 is a great card! and everything else is self explanatory.

Happy Computing


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