Ta 65 Results

ta 65 results
Troubleshooting Flat Wine?

I bought some imported grape juice (sangiovese) and it seemed to ferment while in refrigeration. Label stated BRIX was measured at 21, but I measured it at 11. I added sugar to bring BRIX up by three and
fermented it. It fermented to completion and after second racking I noticed there didn’t seem to be any flavor present, it tated like water.

I tested the Acid and Ph. The results were TA=.65 and Ph=3.72. I think it just lacks flavor. Is there a way to introduce flavor without
sweetening the wine, such as adding grape concentrate?

Yes, you can get grape concentrate but, without tasting I don’t know how much good it would do. Places such as spices etc. carry assorted flavorings (including grape, I think, plus wine powders) that might help. You might also get some improvement by tweaking the wine with glycerine, tannin, citric acid, or something else.

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