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Telomerase Increase

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Does telomerase increase or decrease telomere length?

Telomerase is an enzyme that adds DNA repeats in telomere regions. It doesn’t necessarily “increase” or “decrease” its length. It is responsible for synthesizing it.

If I had to choose one, it is “increasing” telomere length.

Telomerase History

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Biology questions?

1. How does cell decide when to enter the cell cycle? Is it related to the environment.
2. Does having a highly efficient telomerase in plant means that they’re going to live really long, ex: Bristlecone pines.
3. Did Cyclic photosynthesis significantly change the redox conditions of Earth?
4. Mitochondria came first in evolutionary history than RUBISCO and chloroplasts, right ?


Ah!!! do your own HW.


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