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Telomerase In Cancer

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Potential new approach for treating myelofibrosis
A new study conducted by a team of researchers at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) sheds light on a possible new approach to treat the bone marrow disease known as myelofibrosis by inhibiting an enzyme that connects extracellular fibers.
Lung Cancer: Recharge Biomedical – Dr Ed Park’s Podcast 4 (short version)

Telomerase Treatments

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Bio Question?! Please HELP!?

Biology Questions…?
1. State the relationship between the presence of telomerase, telomere length, and the number of cell divisions.

2. Explain how the knowledge of telomerase may lead to an effective treatment for cancer.

3. State one way telomerase could be used to treat patients who have HIV.

4. Compared to small cells, large cells have more trouble
A. dividing
B. producing daughter cells
C. moving needed materials in and waste products out
D. making copies of their DNA

#4 = definetely not A
Thanks!!! but I still need 1, 2 and 3. It is urgent!!! so please help

These are exact questions on a lab I did. lol.

2. knowing how to stop telomerase from being secreted would stop the lengthening of telomeres on cancer cells.

4. I believe is D.

3. You could use telomerase to help lengthen the telomeres to keep producing the nessecary blood cells.

Ever Youth Medicine In Research Process Part 2

Stem Cells Telomerase

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The cells are still active in the telomerase?

Cancer cells (most of them), stem cells, germ cells, hair follicles and what else?

In cancer cells.

What is Aging?: Telomeres Shorten in DNA Stem Cells – Dr Ed Park’s Podcast 2 (short version)