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Increase Telomerase Enzyme

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Is there a natural way to increase the enzyme Telomerase in the body?

The enzyme telomerase is supposed to help in the replacement of old worn out cells with new ones thereby helping a person’s longevity. Therefor activation of telomerase may help to retain a person’s youth.

Unfortunately this replacement of cells also seems to happen with cancer cells so that cancerous growths actually keep growing in the presence of telomerase and an anti-telomerase medication is required to deactivate the telomerase. Therefor deactivation of telomerase may help to stop cancer spreading.

So it seems that as long as you don’t get cancer telomerase is good for your longevity but the moment you get cancer telomerase is an enzyme that needs to be immobilised or destroyed.

The above phenomena are very complex and are explained in a very cumbersome manner in web searches for telomerase + activate and telomerase + deactivate.

You can also find further information in a web search for telomerase + increase + natural.

Increase Telomerase

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Do the telomeric repeats increase in number down the generations?

Telomeres are increased in length after every cell cycle, by the activity of the enzyme telomerase. Every cell in the body of an eukaryote should therefore contain a greater number of telomeric repeats than what was originally the found in the chromosome of the first cell formed after fertilization.

In gonads, the mother cells, from which the eggs and sperms form, should also contain an increased number of telomeric repeats, which would be passed on to the gametes, and thereby, to the next generation. Theoretically, every new generation should have higher number of telomeric repeats than the parental generation.

Is this assumption true, or is there a mechanism which prevents this from happening and maintains an average telomeric repeat number in a particular organism? If you have any knowledge in this respect, could you kindly explain the matter and provide some references, if possible?

They always increase by a subnumerial factor of 3, which is the exponent of the subset of critical mass.