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Ta 65 Anti Aging

ta 65 anti aging
Have you heard of ta 65 support pack anti aging?

ta 65 support pack cost 25,000 is there anything similar to this

A couple of things. First, what you are talking about is provided by a company called “TA sciences” (tasciences.com) which is partialy owned by “Genron”. They’ve dropped their price to something like $16,000 now (not that that should make you happy). If you go to their web page you’ll see that the support pack to which you refer is just a vitamin/mineral supplement which can be recreated by purchasing over the counter products from other manufactures. This is just intended to make sure that your body isn’t short of anything it needs to remain healthy (ie to compensate for dietary deficiencies and provide anti-oxidants).

The main thing these people are providing is a substance they call TA-65 which is an extract from the Astragulas plant called “Astragoliside-2”. (It is provided separately from the “support pack” as part of the treatment process.)

This substance is believed to stimulate the production of telemerase which then causes the telemeres on the end of chromosomes (which grow shorter as you get older which is believed to be partialy responsible for the symptoms of aging) to either slow, stop, or reverse their loss.

There is at least one company that is offering what is believed to be an equivalent to the TA Sciences product. Using TA sciences patents they have reverse engineered the product using “astragoliside-4” which according to the TA Sciences (patent and company) literature should be able to work as well as the “astragoliside-2” they use.

The company that I’m aware of is called “Revgenetics” (revgenetics.com). They refer to their product as “Astral Fruit” and they charge somewhere around $40 for a months supply.

TA Sciences extreme price is partially due to the fact that they do a lot of blood work and other types of monitoring/evaluation (which requires trips to New York City).

Personaly, if I had the money to spare I’d prefer to be using them but like for most people, the cost is prohibitive for me.

In summary, the “support pack” is not the unique thing here, its the Astragoliside.

What Is Telomerase

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Are telomeres and telomerase the same thing ? Or no ? If not , what is the difference ?

They are not the same thing.

Telomeres are essentially repetitive DNA sequences placed at the end of chromosomes to prevent deterioration, and they also help to stabilize the chromosome. Telomerase is the enzyme which causes these repetitive DNA sequences to be added to the end of your chromosomes.

What Is Telomere And Telomerase

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what is a telomere and what does telomerase do?

im studying for a test and ive read the section in my book multiple times, please help

Telomeres are bunches of DNA on the end of chromosomes.

They are kind of like glue because they help prevent deterioration of chromosomes. They also help to determine the longevity of a cell. When chromosomes do their thing, some telomeres break off.
To keep it simple, less telomere = older cell, more telomere = younger cell

Telomerase is an enzyme (it ends in -ase) and it reattaches telomeres to chromosomes.

Many scientists have been studying telomerase because if they could trick the cell into ‘thinking’ it is younger by have more telomeres, then people could live longer.