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Telomerase Cells

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what enzyme is present in cancer cells, which, scientists believe, allows the cancer cells to keep growing ?

morphogen, oxytocin, glucagon, telomerase


In normal cells, the telomeres (segment of DNA at the end of the chromosomes) shorten following each cell division thus limiting the life span of the cell. Due to the nature of the lagging strand after each cell division some DNA is lost, once the telomeres are gone, slowly genes of the chromosome disappear until the point that the cell cannot make proteins that it needs to survive, then the cell dies. This is very important in cell ageing. Most fully differentiated somatic cells do not express the enzyme, however, for some reason cancer cells do, thus allowing them to be immortal and replicate indefinetly

Elizabeth Blackburn Part 3 Stress, Telomeres and Telomerase in Humans

Telomerase And Cancer

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I heard that if you inject the telomerase in adult human cells, which could cause cancer. How and why?

or what I've heard is true. In fact, most human tumors produce telomerase. if u add a cell telomerase, could become a cancer cell. chomosome all ends with a small region called the telomere. telomeres also contain important genetic information. when a cell divide chomosome double. the dupliction is never perfect. duplicated chromosome is not exactly what some of the telomeres is not duplicated or lost. telomere length is when a cell to divide. When a telomere length is lost, the cell ceases to replicate. This is because a critical amount of information is lost and the gene that alters the ability of cells to divide. Telomerase is an enzyme that has RNA transcript of telomeres. Therefore, when Telomerase is added to a cell, telomeres are added the chromosomes. is a proliferation of cancer cells proliferate. cancer cells remain in the diffusion rate control. So if you add telomerase in normal adult cells, the amount of lost telomeres after each division to be replaced and depending on the dose, the telomeres could be added. and you'll never miss the critical length required to stop the telomeres deviding only remain in the circulation flow control, what exaclty is a cancer cell (dividing cells at a rate of uncontrolled). So if you add enough or basically just telomerase add more telomeres. and since telomere length determines when and how a cell divides, telomeres with unlimited, just divide at an uncontrolled pace back and therfore in a cancer cell to cause cancer. Hope that helped … =)

Does Telomerase or Longer Telomeres Cause Cancer