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Telomerase Gene

telomerase gene
questions ….( 3)?

11. What enzyme is present in cancer cells, which scientists believe, allows cancer cells continue to grow indefinitely? Morphogenic BA Glucagon C. Oxytocin D. 12.Which of the following telomerase by itself can lead to information? AB genome chromosomes C. Codon D. 13 nucleotides. The process by which a web tour is a "sketch" of a web design before making permanent Internet called A.lock-step sequence. B.simulation. C.trial and error. D.cinch and tie. 14.To produce a specific protein, ribosomes, a set of twenty lines of tRNA, and a strand of messenger RNA work together in a process called A.translation. B.transcription.C.replication. D.reproduction. 15. Through a series of experiments with sterilized broth, Louis Pasteur disproved the idea of ​​A. Gene sequencing. B. DNA. C.spontaneous generation. D.evolution.

11.D.Telomerase 13.B.simulation 12.D.Nucleotide (guess …) generation 14.A.translation 15.C.spontaneous.

Dr. Laura Niklason on the importance of her AFAR grants for telomerase gene therapy research