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Telomere And Telomerase

telomere and telomerase
Telomere restoration is safe?

Telomeres are the long things on the end of DNA that gradually shorten with each replication (due to a natural error). When the DNA strand gets too small, it stops replicating and you get old.

Telomerase is supposed to promote the restoration of these Telomere sequences and thus, slow down the aging process tremendously.

My Question: Are there any products that are safe? I thought that cells replicating indefinitely eventually leads to cancer.

Telomere shortening is linked to stress and cell shortening or cell death….and aging by way of that.
On the other hand, yes telomerase has been implicated in cancer etiology….cancer is unregulated cell growth with a lack of senescence in the population… and at its worse metastasis or spreading to other organs or tissues.
If you have a history of cancer in your family you would be best to avoid those supplements touted to increase telomerase activty.
I would not see a problem in taking an adaptogen where stress or your perceived reaction to stress is a problem. Adaptogens are supposed to maintain the status quo (homeostasis) so one would think they would not promote unregulated cell growth of any sort. But be safe….if you are on any prescribed medications or have any medical problem or family history of any medical problems talk to your doctor or pharmacist first.


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