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Ta 65 Study

ta 65 study
Time for El Chupacabra’s Pop QuIZ!!!?

No work needed…

1) Write 3/20 as a decimal
2) 40*65=
3) (3+46)-56*23=
Social Studies:

1) When was the American Resolution?
2) When was WW1?
3)When did the Titanic sink

1) Que ta tu nombre?

Person with most right is best answer!!! =)

1) 0.15
2) 2600

3)April 1912

1)Me llamo Matteo.

Dr Ed Park en “Al Rojo Vivo” de Telemundo para Telomeros & Anti-Envejecimiento – TA 65

Ta 65 Alternative

ta 65 alternative
Does the cost of braces vary at different orthodentists?

Silly q you may think; but I’ve been quoted £2700 for braces. This is a hell of a lot and as a single parent I’m like WOW that’s a lot, I could easily spend that on my kids but my teeth are horrid and gappy.

Anyway does anyone know – I paid £65 just to see the man today for a consultation. I can’t afford that kind of money just to get a quote. It’s ridiculous.

Are there any cheaper alternatives? Veneers don’t interest me.


yeah mine were £3000, prices vary slightly but it is expensive full stop ! Ridiculous i know

L5 – A Ta Liberté (HQ)

Ta 65 Buy

ta 65 buy
I’m buying a new digital camera, can anyone help me choose which one?

I have got my options down to either Canon Ixus 65 or the Ixus 850 IS.
I want an easy to use point and shoot camera but that produces really good quality pictures. Can anyone reccomend either of these cameras?

Go to this page and near the top of each column, you will see the option to read user reviews. They may be helpful to you.


The 65 has NO optical viewfinder, so you get to read my rant of the month against this design “feature.”

Optical Viewfinders

I lament the passing of the optical viewfinder and I would choose almost any camera with an optical viewfinder over one that only has an LCD viewfinder. Why?

1. You never have the option of turning off the LCD and these things eat batteries for lunch and spit them out. Why do away with the option of a viewfinder that has zero electrical drain?

2. You have to hold an LCD viewer out at some distance in front of your face. This is more conspicuous than I prefer to be all the time.

3. The need to hold a camera at arms length will introduce some shake. I like the idea of stabilizing a camera against my face when I am taking a picture. This is especially important with a longer zoom lens. No wonder “image stablization” or “vibration reduction” is necessary with these cameras. Not that there’s anything WRONG with IS or VR, but it is really a requirement with LCD viewfinders and telephoto lenses.

4. Using the LCD to view photos after you’ve taken them slows down the camera quite a bit. You can’t shut of the LCD monitor and still take pictures if you don’t have an optical viewfinder.

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