Telomerase In Aging

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What is the role in telomerase in DNA replication and in the aging process?

telomere is the terminal portions of chromosome. DNA polymerase can not copy these ends..hre telomerase functions…telomerase is nothing but a reverse transcriptase actually. it has got an RNA template . which has got almost same sequence as telomere. so reverse transcriptase transcribe its RNA template and copy the strands of DNA telomere portions of chromosome. thus telomerase aids in dna replication.

aging is associated with telomere decay. body cells except the sperm and ovum lacks telomerase. so after each cell cycle telomerase decay continues. and we age. because of these fact you cant stop aging….mind you, anti-aging cream dont provide telomerase….they act upon toxic radicals produced in our body which also responsible for aging. so if even body cells had telomerase we couldn’t stop aging.

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