Telomerase In Humans

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An organelle for telomerase.?

If we made an organelle that makes the human telomerase in quantities equivalent of that of an infant and it was placed in the cytoplasm of an non fertilized egg then was fertilized how much longer would that person live.

The operative word is if, or maybe – when?
Nuclei have been transplanted in the oocytes of animals but failed to develop…
oocytes containing nuclei from nongrowing oocytes could achieve high rates of fertilization, developed to the blastocyst stage in culture, and implanted after embryo transfer, but failed to develop to term. This suggests that modifications in the chromatin during oocyte growth are not required for preimplantation development but are necessary for postimplantation development.
As for fiddling around with the organelles, many have been identified but I can’t find any evidence of them being manipulated.

Nice thought though. Why not start writing science fiction?