Telomerase Nature

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hard bio questions plllzzz helppp!!?

36) You might expect the Bristlecone pine telomerase to be
A. found in all cells
B. a hallmark of transformation
C. present in just germ cells
D. highly processive and very active in the pine meristems and in the cambium

37) The heredity model which Mendel developed emphasized
A. blending of traits to create hybrids
B. the particulate an indivisible nature of heredity material
C. DNA as the source of all genetic material
D. all of the above

38) Alleles refer to
A. two possible forms of the hereditary element
B. an entire chromosome
C. the dominant form of the gene only
D. the recessive form of the gene only

36) D. Telomerase is usually only active in rapidly dividing cells, and in plants, the meristems are very proliferative.

37) A. The law of independent assortment makes B not true, and DNA hadn’t been discovered yet in Mendel’s time (or at least that it was the source of genetic information).

38) A. Alleles are different versions of the same gene. So if a particular gene determined hair color, the different alleles would be the version of that gene for red hair and another version for blond hair, for example.

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