Telomerase Rna Polymerase

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What does a Promoter and Origin of Replication have in common?

a. They are both sites of action by an RNA polymerase
b. They are both sides of action by a DNA polymerase
c. They are both sites bidirectional nucleic action polymerization
d. They are both sites of telomerase action.

I believe the promotor is only used in transcription (RNA poly), and origin of REPLICATION signifies DNA replication (DNA poly), and I know RNA polymerase transcribes unidirectionally downstream from the promoter. I guess that only leaves D, but I can’t find anything anywhere relating those two to telomerase action. Help please..

Your reasoning sounds correct, but I think the answer would be A. DNA replication also involves synthesizing a small RNA primer for the lagging strand. This is done by primase which is a type of RNA polymerase.

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