Telomerase Senescence

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Why not somatic cells requires the activity of telomerase?

Stem cells generally have an activity telomerase to extend telomeres to prevent senility, but why not require telomere length of cells somatic? Citing documents a link, please! Thank you.

In short, to prevent cancer. It's eating out of DNA that prevents a cell from being able to play. If this were ever to occur, then the cell would still be able to divide and continue producing cells. Of course, it would be great on one hand – they never age! On the other hand, we would be more sensitive cancer. The cell would be able to divide many times as you want, without disintegrating. This, along with many other factors contribute to a tumor, and it does not take a genius to conclude that it is bad. As proof of this theory has been found that telomerase activity is 10-20 times higher in cancer cells. And it would be logical that telomerase activity is high in germ cells because these cells are transmitted when playing, and essential that the DNA is intact, otherwise the consequences are endless.

Extension of Life-Span by Introduction of Telomerase into No